GST Audit

GST Audit is the process of examination of records, returns and other documents maintained by a taxable person. In the GST audit we verify the correctness of the turnover declared, taxes paid, refund claimed and input tax credit availed. We also assess the compliance with the provisions of GST in this process.

Tax Audit

Tax audit is intended to ensure proper maintenance of the books of accounts and other records, in order to reflect the true income of the tax payer and to facilitate the administration of tax laws by a proper presentation of the accounts before the tax authorities. We conduct the tax audit and help clients to show proper income and other information in their income tax returns and thereby help them to avoid penal and criminal consequences.

Company Audit

Company audits are conducted in order to report the state of a company's financial position to the shareholders / regulatory bodies (such as SEBI, C&AG, etc.) and Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA).

We conduct company audit as per the requirements of the Companies Act, 2013 and other relevant statutory laws and provide our independent opinion on true and fair view of the financial position of the Company to the shareholders / regulatory bodies.

Internal Audit

We help clients to check their internal control systems and procedures, compliance with company's policies, correctness and orderliness of the accounting transactions, compliance with statutory regulations, etc and to ensure proper conduct of their business through internal audits.

Statutory Audit

Every Indian entity is bound by the Indian legal laws and accountability for their transactions done in India. The Indian legal system under various statues has prescribed mandatory audit of the accounts of the entities operating in India.

With a wide knowledge base on various industries, our firm has been one of the pioneer service provider on the Audit and Assurance services arena. Our firm has a wide clientele base which includes initial start up companies to Public listed companies in the Indian brouses.

Corporate Audits

Following are the few statutory Audit and Assurance functions handled by our firm:

Bank - Statutory, Internal, Concurrent & Stock Audits
Tax Audits u/s 44 AB of the Income Tax
Audits of Trusts, Associations & Sec.25 Companies
Government Audits Central & State
Filing of Returns

Assisting in filing their income tax returns as per Indian Income Tax Act, 1961.


The process of examination of return of income is called "Assessment". After filing return of income by the assessee, the return of income shall be processed by the department. During this process, the income-tax department may select the return of income for assessment and a notice would then be issued to the tax payer requiring him to furnish documents or information in support of the return filed. We assist clients in responding and furnishing the relevant details to the tax department.

Income Tax Appeals and Settlement of Tax disputes
Appeals before CIT(A)/DRP

In case a tax payer is aggrieved with an appealable assessment order, an appeal to the Commissioner of Income Tax (Appeals)/DRP, the first appellate authority, is often a direct recourse available. We assist the tax payer by drafting and filing an appeal to the CIT(A)/DRP and later represent the tax payer during the course of appeal to its logical conclusion.

Appeals before ITAT

Any person aggrieved with an appealable order may prefer to file an appeal before the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT). Here, we analyse the case, identify additional grounds, if any, carry out legal research and prepare and file the appearl as well as the paperbook. We also represent the tax payer before the ITAT either on our own or in consultation with a senior counsel if required.

Settlement Commission

Income Tax Settlement Commission is a premier Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) body in India. The settlement mechanism allows taxpayers to disclose additional Income before it over and above what has already been disclosed before the Income tax Department. An assessee may make an application to Settlement Commission at any stage of the case.

The Commission has wide power of granting immunity from penalty and prosecution which are major sources of litigation. The orders passed by the Commission are final and conclusive. We assist in making the application to the Commission and representing the tax payer before it.

Corporate Taxation

Income tax law in India requires corporates having total sales, turnover or gross receipts exceeding Rs. 1 Crore to get their accounts audited under Section 44AB. Our expert tax advisory team provides solutions on availing possible tax benefits and tax shelters under the provisions of the Income Tax Act. The core value of the corporate tax services revolves around optimization of tax benefits to the entity.

The various services covered by our corporate tax team, includes:

Tax audits U/s.44AB
Transfer pricing Audits for International Transactions
Compliance with E-TDS requirements
Compliance with Double Taxation Treaties
Opinions on intricate Tax issues
Handling of Assessments
Handling of Appeals
Firms & Individuals Taxation

Income tax law in India requires assessees having total sales, turnover or gross receipts from business, exceeding Rs. 1 Crore (Rs. 2 crore and Rs. 50 lakh in case of person, who declares profit in accordance with the provisions of Section 44AD and 44 ADA of the Income Tax Act, respectively) to get their accounts audited under Section 44AB. Our expert tax advisory team also provides solutions on availing possible tax benefits and tax shelters as per the provisions of the Income Tax Act. The core value of the tax services for firms and individuals revolves around optimization of tax benefits to the taxpayers.

The various services covered by our corporate tax team, includes:

Formation & Registration of Firms
Tax audits U/s.44AB
Transfer pricing Audits for International Transactions
Tax compliance of Tax Deducted At source
Compliance with Double Taxation Treaties
Opinions on intricate Tax issues
Handling of Assessments
Handling of Appeals
Indirect Taxation

India has an unique system of Indirect taxes applying across various industries. Indirect taxes such as Excise duty for concerns involved in the manufacture of goods, Customs duty on import of Capital goods or other merchandise, GST on sale of goods and service tax on select services has been the major areas of interest concerning the industries and the common public. Many of the provisions of these tax regulations have a high degree of technicality on practical applications.

Our clients are supported right from the initial identification of the applicability of these laws and their implementation.

Registration, Opinions and back office operations for compliance and filing of returns under:

Central Excise Act
NGO Taxation

NGO's operate under a different system which requires specilaised domain expertise to handle. With a large amount of social activities inflow of contributions and government involvement, NGO's are a special set of Clientele for us.

we bring in whole range of services including:

Registration of Trusts/Societies
Obtaining approval / registration under IT laws
Audit of trusts
Monitoring agency for utilization of funds
Representation Services
Special Services

Certain areas of an entity require more than the usual management attention. As the risk involved in these functional areas are phenomenal, the control & reporting of these areas assumes importance. Our special audit team helps the management to have an in depth analysis of the present activities of those areas and provides a detailed study on improvisation & effective utilization of the available resources in such functional areas.

The following are the specialized auditing services covered by us at present:

Credit Audit of Financial Organization
Propriety Audit
Investigation Assignment / Fraud Detection Assignment
Due Diligence Audits

Due Diligence may be defined as an audit of an audit. We take intricate steps in arriving at the feasibility reports for our clients and ensure that we leave no open trap doors and give an overall clear view of the upcoming hurdles and possible opportunities.

We provide in depth analysis in the following areas:

For Corporate - On their functionality & growth
For Banks - Financial feasibility of customers
VCFO Services

VCFO Service Offerings

Statutory Compliance
Process Excellence
Vendor Management
Debtor Management
Secretarial Work
End to End Management
Government Incentives

We advice on following schemes by Tamilnadu Government, are being extended to micro, small and medium enterprises in the State:


25% capital subsidy on the value of eligible plant and machinery, subject to a maximum of Rs.150.00 lakh.

Low Tension Power Tariff Subsidy

LTPT subsidy of 20% is given for 36 months from the date of commencement of production or from the date of obtaining power connection, whichever is later.


The scheme aims to encourage MSMEs to acquire quality standards/certifications for process and product, such as ISO 9000/ISO 14001/ISO 22000/Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP)/ Good Hygienic Practices (GHP) / Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Certifications, BIS Certification, Zero Defect and Zero Effect (ZED) Rating or any other international quality certification recognized in India by a competent authority. The government reimburses payments made to Consultancy and certification agencies towards acquiring such Quality Certification subject to a ceiling of Rs.2.00 lakhs for National level certification and Rs.10.00 lakhs for International level Certification.

Pay Roll Subsidy

Reimbursement of employee's contribution to the EPF for their employees for the first three years subject to a maximum of Rs.24,000/- per employee per annum, if employment is provided to more than 20 persons. We advice and help manufacturing concerns in Central Government schemes like Tuff – Textile industry, Production linked incentive, etc.

We are also advising on Industrial policy issued by Guidance dept of Tamilnadu for large enterprises i.e Single window clearance, Industrial Approval Assistance, Business Support service, and incentives.